About Us

Welcome to Wazo (Wah-Zo)

Wazo is a Swahili word for “idea”. Wazo is here to help you find a way to turn an idea into action. We have broken down the traditional board room walls to give you the opportunity to share your ideas with the right people. You will receive guidance to help you get started on your journey, make adjustments along the way, identify trends and help you through the problems that are bound to rise during your journey. Our motto states “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come“. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from ordinary and elite people alike that passionately believe that their idea can be much more. Most often the extraordinary things we experience in life come from ordinary people. Wazo will feature stories from some of these ordinary people who are at different levels of success to help inspire the development of new ideas. Wazo will provide tools and resources to help connect, share, and develop ideas into action.

Welcome to Wazo, we look forward to hearing your ideas, feedback, comments, and questions.

Thanks for your visit,

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