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Pulling off Work and Life Act


“People who violate your boundaries are thieves. They steal time that doesn’t belong to them.” -Elizabeth Grace Saunders


When it comes to work and personal life balance, there are 2 theories that can conjure in the mind. The first is that work and personal life are separate. The second is obviously the opposite; they cannot be separated. With that, the most abundant lifestyles are full of what you want. This, in turn, boils down to one word: GOALS.

I believe that if you are going to have goals, tell everyone about them. There is no separation in work and personal life.
The most successful ideas are the ones that make it from the mind, to paper, to goal, which in turn leads to ACTION! Although it seems exciting to have an idea come to fruition, it takes a lot of work. Work has such a negative emotional anchor for many people, which is unfortunate. But, for those that have unlocked the great secret to success – work actually is exciting for us!
You must have self – belief before any of your ideas will ever take the leap out of your mouth all the way through action. If not, you will just waste valuable oxygen and be seen as a mere dreamer who just walks around wishing. ACTION is the KEY. But you must believe in yourself as the one having solid ideas that need to turn into tangible formats. These ideas must be so strong that once you give yourself 100% that others will follow. The most productive ideas come from a problem that needs solving. John Maxwell notes that you should surround yourself with the top 20% of thinkers in your company so that you can have the best ideas on the table. The next huge step that separates success from failure is one word: EXECUTION. Failing teams will not execute their best ideas and high energy teams love executing plans.
When working on your goals, whether personal or professional, the first thing I have learned to ask people in the interview process for scheduling is, “At which time of the day are you the most productive?” Most people never ask themselves to begin to realize when they are most productive. I help run a high energy sales floor and I need to know when someone will sell at their natural best. It’s good for them and it’s good for my company’s bottom line. Therefore, why treat your own personal time any different? If you’re confined to an office, prioritize your work goals for when you have the MOST positive energy to get work done. Do small projects in the morning or paperwork when you’re on your first cup of coffee, but tackle harder topics in the afternoon if you’re not a morning person. Point – Organize to complete anything when you are most naturally productive.
The same goes for your personal life. My most recent goal in my personal life was to bench press my body weight, which was set in February 2013. I didn’t keep it a secret. I told everyone about it -my bosses, coworkers, the sales reps whom I train. Believe it or not the sales reps, jumped on board and helped push me the hardest! Every day they would joke or make encouraging comments to keep me as a reminder of my personal goal that I set! About half way through, the talk about exercising was buzzing around the office and many people got into it! I hit my goal in early May 2013! I organized my workout right after work, when I knew I would be able to have that “siege mentality” Mike Mentzer writes about in his book High Intensity Training. Point – To be successful in goals others have already hit, always study and produce the same way they have. Don’t re-invent the wheel.
Now, to tie it all together: some days you will have so much work to accomplish, that you first need to build a task list, multiplied by a time frame for each task, so that you’re back is against the wall for each task. This is called Mind Framing because when you don’t have all that much work, you will take all day to do it. Somehow, you can manage 3x as much work in the same amount of time if needed! Believe it or not, planning and preparation mixed with sharpening your saw before you try to tackle anything can lead to your most productive days. Secret – Let your productivity from work life carry into your home life!!
You will feel as though it will harm you if you leave work on your desk to leave and go after your personal goals. I will tell you that this completely untrue. Trust and believe me; I did this many times, and crushed my goals, and pushed harder to go after them! Only to come in the next day feeling amazing still, and nailed all my work down faster! Your conscience will not separate work from personal goals when energized by going after things you really want!! Remember that, “in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln.
Discipline your energy to your highest priorities and you will succeed. Make ALL of your choices revolve around your goals and talk only about what you’re currently going after UNTIL ITS DONE. You have to become synonymous with your goals so that everyone can encourage you and even jump on board. Most importantly, know the difference between what the average do and what the great do; the difference between studying and just reading; the difference between training and just exercising. It’s in your GOALS. People studying have a reason to learn something that will make a difference in their life forever. People training will push harder because the competition doesn’t rest.
Breathe life into your goals and they will breathe life into your years.
Take care, God bless, Namaste, and GO GETTEM!

Joshua Gabriel (Guest blogger)
Operations Manager; Resort Sales Missouri
President; Wings of an Angel Project

PH: 843/450-6323

email: joshua.gabriel@live.com



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