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Big Dreams lead to Big Things


The size of your success will never exceed the size of your belief

Big dreams have EXTREME Power- big dreams draw a crowd, they transcend, transform, synergize and make you unstoppable

Big dreams ADD life to your life- they give your life a texture and dimension
Keep a journal, your journal is the keeper of your dreams. When you write down your goals you increase the likelihood of them happening 1000 times

Big dreams allow you to see on the outside what was 1st seen on the inside

On the opening day of Disneyland a reporter said to Walt Disney’s wife “shame Walt didn’t get a chance to see this before he died.” To which she replied “He did see this, long before all of us did.”

Big dreams make you invincible, make you run thru walls, protect you during tough times
You wont be a dream maker until you stop the dream takers- a major dream taker is not having a dream to back up another dream.

Big dreams change your attitude towards failure.
Change your thinking, change your life.


Thoughts vs Beliefs

Beliefs are thoughts that have become habits. Beliefs are thoughts that have been reaffirmed.

Process for changing thoughts to beliefs is simple:

thoughts + feelings + actions x affirmations, visualizations = change in beliefs.

You can never give 100% to something you dont believe in

Big dreams give you power to monitor your thoughts.

Go to work on yourself- get your life going in the right direction, all other things will fall in line after that.

Life is a collection of experiences, Make it a goal to live your dreams. What would you do if money and time were not an issue next week?


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