The Power of Personal Development

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” -Matt 4:4

Now more than ever before it is not enough to just feed the body you must also feed your mind. The world is rapidly transforming from the industrial age to the information age. As the demographic of the world changes, industry changes and there is more demand for people with modern skills is higher. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs available right now going unfilled because people simply do not have the skill set required to meet the responsibilities of those jobs. Why? People are not receiving proper training, putting in the time or doing the work necessary to develop the skills necessary to keep up with the changing environment.The fact is the people either under estimate the importance of constant development or they are stubborn and have a pessimistic outlook on the subject in general.  Here is the truth about personal development, the second most important thing you can give your body besides food is words. Like with anything you must have a balanced diet of the kind of information your body takes in. It is not enough to just read or listen to the inspirational stuff, thats too second grade. People need to be taught and educated on new topics and develop new skills.

4 Areas where personal development makes the biggest difference:


The top myth about the marketplace is that it  pays you for your time. Every job pays by the hour or a straight up salary. The truth is people are not paid by the amount of time they put into something but the value thy bring to the marketplace. Think about it somewhere there is someone doing the same job as you, for the same amount of time yet they are paid more than you. Why? Their skill set is more valuable than ours. The great news is skill set is something that can be learned and develop over time. Personal development makes room for new skills, ideas and opportunities to arrive.

Development of new Skills

There are books written on how to be wealthy, how to inspire, how to communicate, how to be a better partner friend and lover. There are books on how to lead and how to follow. Books written on getting started and finishing up. There are books written by hundreds of successful people telling their success stories and how they got that way. Anything you want to know about in the age of information is made available with the touch of a finger. You must go out and get the information and there is no excuse for not knowing with the amount of information we have access to.
Start a library. The greatest investment you can make is the investment into your own personal education. Avoid being one of those people that make excuses like “I don’t have it”  when someone tells you there is a good book on how to be a better investor to get yourself out of debt and it only costs $14.99.  Be one of those special, proactive people that say I’m going to get it.


Your personal growth is so important it the difference between mediocre, average and wealth. Think about it, every house that’s for sale over $500,000 comes built with a library. Why do you think that is? The answer is simple, people who can afford to live in those homes are personal developing. They are growing their minds health.
You don’t have to stay up all night to begin your personal development journey.  30 minutes a day listening to or reading a good book that’s challenging and teaching new information.

Keep a journal of your accounts so you can go back and reflect on good ideas, goals and thoughts. Also when you are gone the people you love can look back and learn and grow from your lessons. Use a journal as a ledger to track your good ideas and the progress you are making.
Starting your journey:
Diversify your reading portfolio. Read books on philosophy, business, money, the bible,
Ultimately our brains and computers have one important thing in common, they both don’t know the difference between what is truth and what you tell it. So just like with a computer garbage in garbage out. Diversify your reading portfolio. Read books on philosophy, business, money, the bible, leadership, communication. When it comes to your development the only limits are the ones you set. Of the the 4 ifs that make your life worthwhile #1 is If you learn. There is nothing worse than being stupid and make no mistake about it being stupid is a choice. The library is giving information away to make your life better for free. If you learn there are no limits to what you may be able to do. Don’t be naive, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is poverty, bad health, suffering, ignorance is a tragedy. That’s why personal development is so important, so we can avoid those things. You may not be able to do all the things you learn but why not learn all the things you can. The last thing you want to happen is to miss out on an opportunity because you are lacking the skill required to say yes!!

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