The Art of Extraordinary Living

The greatest value in life is not what you get but what you become. In all things you do you must ask yourself, what am I becoming? Be it in your job or in your personal relationships. Who you become will far outlast anything you get.
There are fundamentals to the art of living an extraordinary life. It takes  more than hard work and it starts in the heart. Let your heart be stirred by the world around you. Become seized with benevolence. The world is your canvas, use your imagination to bring your ideas to life.
Ideas plus inspiration. Ideas are life changing and sometimes you only need one more. You may already have the first 3 numbers to a 4 number combination.
The challenge will be putting good ideas into words. You must put into words the ideas that will change your life and the lives of others.
STUDY, PRACTICE, PREACH! That is the process to becoming a master. Some people do and some people don’t, some people will change and some people wont. People will be who they are. Do not be naive about the people in the world, it will cost you time. Liars will be liars that’s why we call them liars. The believers believe, the perplexed will be perplexed, the mockers and laughers will mock and laugh, the lost and confused will be lost and confused, seek the believers.

3 Simple Guidelines:

1.Be thankful-it opens doors
2. Listen well-  seek first to understand, then to be understood.
3. Be a good student- don’t be a follower be a student, take advice not orders, make sure all   that you do is the product of your own conclusion.

5 Keywords:

1. Fundamentals- make our lives work well from the beginning, the base reality to begin from which everything else flows. there are no new fundamentals. success is the basic process, it’s the results of practicing fundamentals. there are 6 things that will make 80% of the difference.
2. Wealth- unlocks the imagination, it’s the way to life unique and abundant. it improves the quality of life.
3.  Happiness- universal quest. it’s the joy of knowing and the joy of discovery. it’s the result of practicing the art of living life well. it is elusive by nature  but not impossible.
4. Discipline- the bridge between thought and accomplishment. the bridge between productivity and success. happiness is upstream so you must work because if you get caught going afloat the you will drift downstream into the negative.  it is a start and continuing process and anyone can start. it’s if I could I would it’s if i would i could. even if your start is small, its important. small is important in the process and so is continuing. when it comes to the discipline of affirmation only affirm what you are truly prepared to do. why would you walk in the opposite direction of your dreams? know this the process and results can start today. begin today and get your momentum going. The time of hoping has passed, now faith and action take charge.
5. Success- it’s both a journey and destination. Awareness and cultivation of values. It’s the process of turning away from and turning into. The process of making  life the way you want it to be.



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