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Social Network your business to the top

Strategy to Social Networking success:

60% of facebook advertising is targeted towards small to mid-size businesses. Social media allows advertisers to narrow down target audiences and pinpoint customers based on their posts, likes and searches. It also gives small businesses the opportunity to reach the community, drive up traffic and build relationships. The most popular of all the social media outlets, Facebook makes a majority of its profits from marketing and advertising. Facebook ads special are good because they are simple, offer variety of call to action tools, supplies metrics and customer support. Here are some other simple tricks to the trade to help drive the traffic on your social networking site up.

Design a purpose and establish a presence:

  1. Support facebook deals, offer specials on twitter
    1. Its not enough to just have a presence but you MUST have a purpose for driving people towards transactions
      1. Every post, tweet, blog counts
  2. Monitor comments, engage and respond
    1. Track calls to action, are people using your coupons or taking advantage of your offers??
  3. Use your time wisely
    1. Schedule monitoring time and save it to your calendar

Baseline your ROI:

  1. ROI- Return On Investment
    1. Track your revenue from the start.
    2. Track customer spending
    3. Track old customers vs new customers
    4. Monitor traffic ratio
      1. Determine if posts, blogs and tweets are working.

Calculate your cost:

  1. ROI includes: time, technology, internet
  1. Monthly check ups
    1. Quantify your results
      1. After 1st month do baseline number 2
        1. Compare the differences
        2. Do the math

Your time is valuable and so is the time of your customers make it worth their while


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