Seize the day…what else is there to do??

You have 24 hours! You have 24 hours! Hey you, want 24 hours? (Oprah voice). Wait a minute we all have 24 hours (aha voice). If given the same 24 hours as everybody else what would you do with yours? Time flys when your having fun, the truth is time goes by rather you are having fun or not. Time doesn’t have time to wait for you to get your act together. The biggest difference between the wealthy and the poor is what they do with their time. The poor guy is at home watching tv and the wealth guys is at home creating tv shows. The wealthy get things done during primetime, the poor sit back and watch the work the wealthy have put it. All the while trying to figure out how that person made it and why they can’t.

12 common misconceptions about success:

  1. We believe success is impossible- so we criticize it
    1. When success eludes us, we are tempted to throw in the towel and assume it’s unattainable. Most do not fully see the truth that life is difficult.
  2. We believe success is mystical- so we search for it
    1. There is no magic formula that will solve all our problems. Every great career, business, or brand has been built the same way. Step by step.
  3. We believe success comes from luck- so we hope for it
    1. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, preparation requires action. Do something, get your hands ready to open the door for opportunity when it comes knocking
  4. We believe success is productivity- so we work for it
    1. Seeing hard work as success is one-dimensional. If you have to build a house and had to choose between a hammer and a nail gun which would you pick.
  5. We believe success comes from an opportunity- so we wait for it
    1. When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.
  6. We believe success comes from leverage- so we power up for it
    1. To get what they want they look for an angle to exploit or for leverage over someone else. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, corruption leads to corrosion.
  7. We believe success comes from connections- so we network for it
    1. No one can network himself to success unless he has something to offer in the first place.
  8. We believe success comes from recognition- so we strive for it.
  9. We believe success is an event- so we schedule it
    1. Growth comes from making decisions 1st then following through on them.
  10. We over exaggerate yesterday
  11. We over estimate tomorrow
  12. We underestimate today
    1. Time is the stuff life is made of, cherish it
There are some key areas to focus on when mapping out your day for success. Its the definite dozen, focus on improving these areas and it will raise you quality of life but most importantly help seize the day.
12 critical areas for success:
  1. Attitude (gives me possibilities)
    1. Your attitude at the beginning of a task affects its outcome more than anything else. Your attitude not your achievements that gives you happiness. Develop a high appreciation for life and recognize that your attitude needs daily adjustment.
  2. Priorities (gives focus)
    1. We choose our life by how we spend time, our priorities help us to choose wisely. We can’t do everything.
  3. Health (gives strength)
    1. It’s easier to maintain good health than to regain it. Health often determines quality as well as quantity of life. Your health impacts you emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.
      • Laugh, Eat right, Exercise, Age doesn’t matter!
  4. Family (gives stability)
    1. Family is a safe haven in a storm, they are the crucible of character and they are the Mirror revealing truth.
  5. Thinking (gives an advantage)
    1. Good thinking increases your value. Poor thinkers are slaves to their surroundings
  6. Commitment (gives tenacity)
    1. Commitment will be tested everyday and helps you overcome many of life’s obstacles. Don’t rely on talent alone Your talent is what God put in before you were born. Your skills are what you put in yesterday. Commitment is what you must put in today in order to make today your masterpiece and make tomorrow a success
    2. Expect commitment to be a struggle, but strive for excellence . Count the cost of giving and determine to pay the price.
  7. Finances (give options)
    1. Money won’t make you happy. It only amplifies the emotions that you already have however debt WILL make you unhappy.
  8. Faith (gives peace)
    1. Gives strength and resilience for today. Faith that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted, strong faith is often birthed out of difficulties.
  9. Relationships (give fulfillment)
    1. Life’s greatest experiences involve other people, Commit yourself to adding value to others by helping the discover and develop their abilities. Express love and appreciation often, give time to your most valuable relationships.
  10. Generosity (gives significance)
    1. Giving helps the giver, find a reason to give every day  and find people to receive every day.
  11. Values (give direction)
    1. Create a list of good values, Embrace those good values, Make a decision to live those values daily, Compare your values to your practices daily, Live out your values regardless of your feelings
  12. Growth (gives potential)
    1. Make a commitment to change, set growth goals and  make it your goal to grow in some way every day. Apply what you learn; Only through continuous improvement can you reach your potential.
“the past is gone, the future isn’t here, today is a gift thats why we call it a present”
Seize the day today, it does matter, after all what else is there to do!!!
-Ebony Walker
thewazo creator


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