There is no right answer to the wrong question

  I am a firm believer that ANYTHING is possible in life and that you can achieve ANY goal with the right attitude, plan, and execution. That being said, why haven’t you achieved your goals? Most likely you are lacking skills or knowledge but how do you know what you don’t know, after all you never know when your tail lights are out do you? So the question becomes, how do we find out what we are missing? The answer: ASK!!!!! I’ve been asked some really dumb questions in the past and I challenge anyone who says “there is no such thing as a dumb question”.
A dumb question is anything that is thrown out without significant thought put into it. The reality is that most people will spend more time on asking themselves what they will do this weekend than asking how they will plan their future and how they will achieve their goals.
So who and what do we ask? What I suggest is that if you set aside the time to ask yourself and the answers will flow to you. You may have heard that we only utilize a small percentage of our brain consciously. The fact is that our brain makes 8 billion calculations in less than a second. Tony Robbins says “the genuine quality of life comes from consistent, quality questions.”
Questions to get started:

  • What do I really want out of life?
  • What’s important to me?
  • Where do I see myself in 5, 10, 20 years?
  • What type of person will I need to become to achieve this?
  • Who can help me on this path?

Once you figure out what is important and where you want to be then you need to manage your daily life in accordance. Reflect on your actions and behavior at the end of the day and see if it lines up with where you want to be in life. Did your actions today bring you closer to your goal or further away? How could you improve?When it becomes time to ask others for knowledge or advice, plan the questions out beforehand. DO NOT waste people’s time! The people in life who are the most sought after typically have more important things to do than answer a question that is not well thought out. So if you had very limited time (which you probably do) to pick someones brain what would you ask? You need to know your objective so that you come across clear with your questions, otherwise it will be time wasted for all parties involved.

-Eric Hannan, Executive Vice President 


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