Risk Takers

Take the Leap

 You never know where life is going to lead you but when it tells you to take the leap JUMP! Follow your heart and let your brain lead you and your ambition drive you.
Don’t be afraid to fail at things, don’t think about failing it’s not an option, just think about succeeding the next day, not 5 years from now. Take risks, you will gain the most knowledge from these things. Ask every question you can think of if you can’t figure out the answer yourself, no matter how stupid you feel, it is better to know than to wonder, and loose time and money. Find your PASSION; it will keep you going when everything else is trying to get you to stop. Focus and be ready to sacrifice.
You have to always be working when you own your own business, keep paper and pen on your nightstand because there will be many sleepless nights where you can’t turn your brain off, but that is when you can come up with the most innovative ideas.  Keep your mind in work mode.
Just because you are the owner, founder, CEO doesn’t mean you won’t need help or shouldn’t have help. We all need help sometimes so play well with others. Be willing to delegate. Learn to compromise, give up control and trust. Focus your time on the right things when working with others. It’s difficult for some people, it’s very easy to want to find faults with others and waste time trying to prove it. That’s wasted time you can’t get back. Having someone else depend on you makes you really work at 8am every day, even though you work for yourself you don’t want to let the other people involved down.
Use all the resources you have available to you and you have more resources available to you than you think. Go through yellow pages if you have to and always ask a TON of questions. Don’t be afraid, you may have the same $40K education from the real world as a student at a major university would get.
Have a solid understanding of finances; credit card debt is tough so manage your finances you don’t want to become a debt collector and you don’t want to have to deal with them either.
Know the market and know your customer. 3 p’s, planning, preparation,
Perspiration is crucial. The market is always changing and you have to be able to change with it. That change can sometimes mean leaving so having a good plan includes having a good exit strategy. Knowing the market and understanding your finances will make that decision easier if or when that situation comes up.
Be open minded; if you’re open, you can learn anything really fast, anything.
Perseverance wins. Personality helps. Ask people doing what you want to do that are successful at it A LOT of questions.


Nikki G


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